Wheelie Bin Cleaning Hacks!
  • To reduce odours, rinse out packaging such as tins and bottles beforehand, and squeeze air out of rubbish bags and tie them before putting into the bin (the lack of air slows down the decomposition rate).
  • Ensure the bin is not over filled. Lids that do not shut properly allow insects, flies and vermin to gain access plus it allows any bad smells to escape.
  • If possible, store outside bins in the shade to minimise smells and reduce the likelihood of attracting flies. If a bin is exposed to sunlight it will only speed up the rotting effect.
  • Try smearing citronella oil, a natural insect repeller, around the lid of the bin if flies do become a problem.
  • Wash outdoor bins once a month by using AGAR Wheelie Bin Cleaner. WHEELIE BIN CLEANER is a detergent concentrate that has been specifically formulated for cleaning, sanitising and deodorising plastic wheelie bins.
  • In some cases it might be useful to line the bin with a 240 litre heavy garbage bag to limit spills into the bin.
  • To limit bad odours try using "Bin Bombs".  BIN BOMBS – are bio-degradable granules infused with a unique re-odorant and natural insect repellent. When poured into rank-smelling garbage containers, BIN BOMBS quickly change the area in and around garbage bins to a far more pleasing and agreeable environment.

The team here at Coffs Cleaner World hope that these tips help in solving any problems you might have in or around your bins. 

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