Hacks to help you get your windows clean this summer!

1. Use a Squeegee! There’s a reason why professional window cleaners swear by squeegees – they do the best job. Rather than just moving the dirt and residue around, a good scrub and a squeegee eliminates the dirt and grime from the glass. Using a squeegee is faster than cleaning windows with a spray and wipe product. It takes a little bit to find your rhythm with the technique but play around and have some fun with it. We recommend Ettore 14" Progrip Squeegee.

2. Clean everything not just the window! This hack is for when you want to give your windows or home a very thorough clean. Cleaning the glass is the fun part of window cleaning, but before you start rocking with your new squeegee technique it is best to clean the tracks, sills and screens.

3. The Perfect Weather for Cleaning Your Windows is… Cloudy!  Cloudy days are your best friend when it comes to window cleaning. If you try to clean them on a hot, sunny day, you risk having the cleaning solution dry on your windows, leaving behind an icky residue.

4.  Use the right product! When it comes to using a window cleaning solution we recommend "Clear As" as the perfect tool to help you get clear streak free windows!

5. Look after the Surface! No matter how stubborn certain stuck-on materials may be, never use a razor or any other kind of blade to scrape them off. This can cause permanent scratches and leave your windows more vulnerable to breaking in the future. Use a microfibre cloth or a Microfibre washer sush as the Ettore Microfibre Progrip washer for best result

We hope these five hacks help you get enthused to get those windows sparkling and clean once more!