Mother's Day Mayhem

MEN - Do not let her clean on Mother's Day!

We need your help. It is almost Mother's Day and we need to stage a motherflippin’ national intervention. We need to get the precious Women of Australia to turn off the vacuum cleaner and put their feet up.! 

But it’s really hard to relax – to completely chill out – when you know all that housework is just waiting for you on your return.That’s where you come in, guys. We need you to step up and do the housework before she even has time to think about.

So here’s the plan. After you and the kids have made her breakfast in bed and handed over the Mother’s Day loot – just leave her alone. Give her a few hours of blessed uninterrupted relaxation and clean the bloody house.Just do all the things you imagine she would be doing if she wasn’t in bed catching up on the latest season of Stranger Things. Like scrub the filthy toilet and possibly fix that door that’s been hanging off it’s hinges for the past six months. 

And ladies – if you’re reading this – share it with the man in your life and pick up that remote control, you’ve earned it.