Embrace Effortless Cleaning with the I-Team Co-Botic 1700 Robot Vacuum - Coffs Harbour

Keeping our homes clean and tidy is a never-ending task. Say goodbye to tedious manual vacuuming and hello to a smarter, hands-free cleaning experience. Pop into our store Coffs Cleaner World on Lawson Crescent in Coffs Harbour. 

Precise and Efficient Cleaning: The Co-Botic 1700 stands out with its ability to be programmed for precise and efficient vacuuming. With the i-team professional app, you have the power to divide your room into multiple zones and access day-to-day cleaning information. This intelligent feature allows you to optimize the cleaning process by focusing on specific areas that require more attention. Additionally, you can create virtual boundaries to ensure that the robot vacuum operates precisely within your desired cleaning areas. Worried about the setup process? The Co-Botic 1700 can even program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job, taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Extended Working Time and Battery Swapping: The Co-Botic 1700 is designed to keep working for up to an impressive 270 minutes. However, if you require continuous cleaning around the clock, you have the option to add an extra battery to your inventory. By alternately swapping the batteries, you can ensure uninterrupted cleaning sessions. What's more, this robot vacuum is equipped to work effortlessly in dark areas without any trouble, enabling you to utilize its cleaning capabilities even overnight.

Intuitive Programming and Virtual Boundaries: Take full control of your cleaning routine with the i-team professional app, which allows you to program specific cleaning instructions for the Co-Botic 1700. This feature ensures that the robot vacuum cleans according to your preferences and requirements. On the other hand, if you prefer a hands-off approach, the Co-Botic 1700 can autonomously program itself to perform the most efficient cleaning job, adapting to your cleaning needs.

Wireless Operation and Safety: Say goodbye to cable clutter and the risk of tripping hazards. The Co-Botic 1700 operates wirelessly, reducing the risk of accidents caused by tangled cables. With the ability to set virtual boundaries using the app, you can ensure that the robot vacuum remains within designated cleaning areas, keeping your home safe and secure.

Technical Specifications: Power Rate: 50W Voltage: 14.4V Suction Power: 2700Pa/1600Pa (Power) 1200Pa (Standard) 600Pa (Quiet) 270 Minutes Run Time Charge Time: 240 Minutes

The I-Team Co-Botic 1700 Robot Vacuum offers a revolutionary approach to cleaning, providing precise, efficient, and hands-free vacuuming for your home. With the ability to program cleaning instructions, utilize virtual boundaries, and work wirelessly, this robot vacuum offers convenience and peace of mind. Embrace the future of cleaning technology and enjoy a spotless home effortlessly with the Co-Botic 1700. Visit Coffs Cleaner World to learn more and bring the power of automation to your cleaning routine.