Actichem Mould Remover: The Solution to a Clean and Germ-Free Environment

Mould and mildew can be a persistent and unsightly problem, particularly in washrooms and changerooms/locker rooms. The Actichem Responsibly Green Mould Exterminator is a powerful and environmentally responsible solution for tackling mould and sanitizing these areas. With its fast-acting formula and versatile applications, this mould remover ensures a clean and germ-free environment. 

Powerful and Effective Mould Removal: Actichem Mould Remover is designed to tackle mould and mildew quickly and effectively. Its innovative formula is specifically formulated to kill mould and remove stubborn stains, leaving surfaces clean and fresh. Say goodbye to unsightly mould growth and hello to a pristine washroom environment.

Versatile Cleaning and Sanitizing Power: The Actichem Mould Remover goes beyond just removing mould. It also serves as a high-performance sanitiser for hard surfaces. With its powerful cleaning properties, it ensures a thorough and hygienic cleaning experience. From washrooms and laundries to kitchens, this product is safe for use on all hard surfaces, making it a versatile and convenient choice for your cleaning needs.

Gentle on Sensitive Surfaces: When it comes to cleaning washrooms, it's essential to consider the sensitivity of certain surfaces, especially natural stone. Actichem Mould Remover provides premium performance in mould removal and sanitisation without the risk of damaging sensitive natural stone surfaces. This feature ensures that you can achieve a thorough clean without compromising the integrity of delicate surfaces in your bathroom.

Environmentally Friendly and Non-Flammable: Actichem is committed to environmental responsibility, and the Mould Remover reflects this commitment. This mould remover is environmentally friendly, offering a safe and sustainable solution for your cleaning needs. Additionally, it is non-flammable, providing peace of mind during use.

Wide Range of Applications: Actichem Mould Remover is specifically designed for use in washrooms, making it ideal for various settings such as homes, offices, gyms, and public facilities. It effectively removes mould and sanitizes hard surfaces, ensuring a clean and germ-free environment. However, it's important to pretest sensitive substrates for chemical sensitivity and perform a color loss test on delicate fibers before use.

Maintaining a clean and germ-free environment in washrooms is crucial for hygiene and overall well-being. Actichem Mould Remover offers a powerful and environmentally responsible solution to remove mould and mildew effectively. With its versatility, gentle treatment of sensitive surfaces, and commitment to sustainability, Actichem Mould Remover is the go-to product for achieving a clean and healthy washroom. Visit Coffs Cleaner World in Coffs Harbour today to explore the benefits of Actichem Mould Remover and transform your cleaning routine.