Columbus XP3 Upright Vacuum

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The new generation XP 3 eco is equipped as standard with a new micro exhaust air filter made of PP and a micro hygiene filter. The three-step filtration system has been improved considerably to provide greater protection for users and the environment. The fully automatic comfort-class single motor vacuum cleaner cares for textile flooring as gently as it is thorough with its working width of 378 mm.


  • Powerful New Generation 890Watt vacuum motors.
  • Columbus XP2 and Columbus XP3 eco automatically adjusts brush height for peak efficiency on bare floors and all carpet piles.
  • Electronic control system warns operator if bag is full or brush is jammed and turns off if warnings are ignored.
  • 70 dB(A) noise level for comfortable "day-time cleaning" with "relatively pleasant" sound pitch.
  • Three step filtration.
  • Available in 38cm and 46cm cleaning widths, both with 5.3 litre dustbags
  • Ultra-light handle weight, drops flat to the floor for under-bed cleaning in hospitals and aged care facilities.
  • Standard Candle style dust filter and an optional HEPA filter is available.

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