Vileda MicroOne Roll Yellow

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MicroOne wipes offer a secure and effortless pre-preparation solution with utmost hygiene in mind. Constructed from ultra-fine microfibers, MicroOne guarantees superior cleaning prowess, perfectly tailored for demanding Hygienic Sensitive Areas and settings without laundry amenities.

This wipe excels in combating stubborn grime-like fingerprints, showcasing its ability to eliminate a remarkable 99.9% of surface bacteria and germs, a fact independently verified. The Z-fold design allows easy glove-assisted dispensing and seamless saturation with disinfectant while remaining sheltered within its original plastic packaging, ensuring impeccable hygienic outcomes in essential secure environments.

For convenient and sanitary transit and utilization, MicroOne is neatly enclosed in practical plastic bags, ingeniously separated from moisture contact by the innovative bag-in-bucket approach. By preventing any residue or contamination within the bucket, the risk of bacterial proliferation on the inner surface is completely eradicated.

Key Advantages:

  • Crafted from ultra-fine microfibers for unparalleled cleaning efficacy
  • Effectively tackles persistent grime, including fatty residues
  • Independently validated with a 99.9% certification for bacteria and germ removal

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