UNI 136 Ducted Vacuum Bag 3 per pk

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Suitable for Models

Astrovac: Compatible with all models including AV1200, AV1300, AV1400, AV1500, AV1600, AV1700, AV1900, AV2200, AV2400, AV2600, AV2800, PA1300, PA260.
Premier Clean: Compatible with all models including Monarch Range, 250, 490, 550, 650, 850.
Pullman: Compatible with 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, CV301, AFUERA CV302 models.
Valet Ducted System: Compatible with all bag models including VB150, VB200, VL150, VL200, VL300, VB300, Value Vac, V75, V1P, V1S, V1SH, V1SU, VBS, V2P, V3P, V2S, V3S, VBC Silver, VBC Red, Eco Vac, V2SC, V3SC, V350S, V4SC, V-TEN.
Volta Ducted Vacuum: Compatible with all models.
Flo-Master: Compatible with Central Vacuum, M80, M32, M85, C650, M92 models.
Lux: Compatible with CD110, CV731, CV732, CV733, CV791, CV792, CV793 models.
Cleanstar: Compatible with Tornado Ducted System (VTOR), Typhoon Ducted System (VTYPH), S0 Ducted System.
Electrolux and suitable for larger wet and dry vacuum cleaners including:
Work Hero Wet & Dry 60L, Karcher: NY45/1, NT55/1, NT561, NT611, Ghibli: WS95, AS400, AS59, AS59CBE, WD400, WS3, WS3CBE, Hako: SUPERVAC 300, 350, 550E, Pullman: CB60, CB80, Spitwater: AS400, AS59.

Bag dimensions:
26cm (W) x 69cm (H)
Cardboard collar: 158mm (W) x 165mm (H)
Inlet hole fits connections between 35mm and 50mm.

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