Sauber Pro Pets Powerhead

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Sauber Pro Pets Powerhead (31155640)

Suitable for:

  • Sauber Pro Pets SJ-100 Bagged Vacuum cleaner
  • Sauber Pro Pets SF-100, VC-C3507D Bagless vacuum cleaner

Also suitable for:

  • Hoover Action Pets 5007PH Bagged vacuum cleaner 
  • Hoover Action Pets 5019PH Bagless vacuum cleaner
  • Hoover Mode Bagged vacuum cleaner All models (5000PH, 5006PH, 5007PH)
  • Hoover Vogue Bagless vacuum cleaner All models (5012PH, 5015PPH, 5017PH, 5019PH)
  • Also compatible with Hoover Allergy (7000PH, 7011PH) and Hoover Regal (9001PH, 9011PH) vacuum cleaners

The Sauber EB303 motorized head digs deep into carpets to remove embedded dust and dirt that suction alone can’t reach. Its fast-spinning brush effortlessly picks up pet hair, delivering a thorough and effective clean for your home.

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