Saraya S-7 Hand Sanitiser 3 lt

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An 70% v/v ethanol based spray that kills 99.99% of germs in seconds. The atomised liquid provides the best coverage and saturation available in a hand sanitiser. S-7 SMARTSAN Hand Sanitiser is food safe manufactured in a certified quality assured facility, and ideal in all food handling areas and work environments. Suitable for use with a HACCP based food safety program.

Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.
No fragrance or sticky residue.
Keeps hand feeling soft.
Contains emollient.

How to use: Prior to use, thoroughly wash hands with soap and water, rinse then towel dry. Hands must be visibly clean. Wet hands thoroughly with spray, covering the entire surface of hands, including fingertips, cuticles, wrists, and forearms. Rub vigorously into skin until dry. No rinsing or towelling required.

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