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This versatile commercial grade polisher can be used on any surface such as- Staircases, Around the House & Small Area. The Polystar floor scrubber is designed to Strip, Wax, Buff, Polish, Sand & Refinish your hard surface floors such as Marble, Tiles, Vinyl, Wood and More.

The Polystar is a heavy duty industrial quality product that can be used for all commercial cleaning applications and comes with a full 12 month commercial guarantee.

The Polystar has a weight of 14.8kg which enables steady pressure on the surface which helps with stability, control and a very effective results.

The fast spinning orbital action combined with exceptional quality of all moving parts and attachments will ensure longevity and great results with this exceptional orbital multi purpose machine. It will quickly scrub your floors with minimal effort, it will make any wood sanding job a breeze, it will polish and shine any hard floor surface in no time.


  • 250 Watt Power (240v)
  • 13" (33cm) Working Width
  • 150 rpm Working Speed
  • Simple and Easy to Use Specially in Small Areas

Comes With:

  • Soft Brush (for delicate surfaces)
  • Hard Brush (for Heavy duty scrubbing)
  • Pad Holder (to attach any scrubbing or polishing pad you with)
  • Polishing & Microfibre Pad (for exceptional sparkling finish)


  • Brand: Polystar
  • Power Type: 240v
  • Model: PS-001
  • Speed (rpm): 150rpm
  • Power Consumption: 250 Watt
  • Weight (kg): 14.8kg

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