Oates Round Cobweb Broom

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  • Introducing the Oates Round Cobweb Broom Cobweb & Fan Broom, a revolutionary cleaning tool designed to tackle those hard-to-reach places with ease. Its unique round, loop-style head is specifically crafted to fit over objects like fan blades, ensuring thorough cleaning from top to bottom. The adjustable flex head allows for precise maneuvering in tight corners and inaccessible areas. With a 1.8m extendable handle, no cobweb or speck of dust will be out of your reach. The long, flagged bristles efficiently trap dirt and cobwebs, while the removable head simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Made with a sturdy 22mm powder-coated steel handle, this broom guarantees durability and reliability. Experience the convenience of the Oates Round Cobweb Broom and enjoy its impressive benefits:
  • Effortlessly clean both the top and bottom of ceiling fan blades.
  • Adapt to any space with the adjustable flex head.
  • Capture dirt effectively with the flagged bristles.
  • Enjoy a sturdy and reliable cleaning tool with the 22mm powder-coated steel handle.

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