Nilfisk AERO M/H Class 26 ltr Wet & Dry Vacuum

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Introducing the pioneering compact safety vacuum cleaner in the industry, a revolutionary solution that ensures your work environment remains secure while granting unparalleled mobility within your workshop.

Choose from our range of M and H-class certification models, each boasting exceptional suction capabilities and featuring a spacious 25L tank to handle your cleaning needs effortlessly. Opt for the H-class variant, equipped with cutting-edge H-Class filtering technology, meticulously engineered to capture and confine hazardous dust, regardless of whether it's wet or dry.

The innovation extends to the Semi-Automatic Push&Clean Filter cleaning system, simplifying maintenance tasks. Embrace the convenience of smart operation through a Bluetooth remote control with Autosense functionality, enabling seamless ON/OFF control, automatic recognition of power tools, real-time alarm alerts, and user-friendly operation.

The incorporation of an anti-static hose system guarantees enhanced safety during operation, while the durability-focused semi-axle back wheels ensure long-lasting performance. For added ease, benefit from the container lifting handle and the conspicuous orange cable, both meticulously designed to promote worksite safety.

Please note that a D.O.P test certificate is not available for the H-Class model at this time. However, your investment is secured with a comprehensive one-year commercial warranty, ensuring peace of mind as you prioritize safety and efficiency in your workspace.

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