I-Team 9B Dual Battery Barrel Vacuum Cleaner (WITHOUT BATTERIES/CHARGER)

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Sale price$735.00


Cleaning different parts of your workplace or home is convenient and easy, thanks to the i-team i-VAC 9B Dual Battery Powered Commercial Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Offering impressive suction power it is designed with the highest quality components, including a stainless steel wand, kink-resistant hose featuring double reinforced ends and a stainless steel nozzle on the elbow piece. Features i-power batteries for impressive runtime and convenient, cordless operation

Key Features:

  • Two-slot battery system for flexible runtime of up to 80 minutes (dependant on what i-power battery is used)
  • Dual filter design, one before and after the motor, offering the highest level of filtration
  • Equipped with a lighted on/off switch, and an erganomic handle for easy manourvering

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