I-Scrub 21 Battery Scrubber

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Sale price$998.00


Double disc action with the flexibility to even scrub areas in a vertical position. Equipped with an adjustable head & 360° of free-range motion. With a powerful engine that achieves 400 RPM using two discs, it’s a brilliant machine that allows the user to scrub any surface with extreme power. You can manually dose your solution with the push of a button. Easily convert your machine into a handheld unit for polishing, powered by Li-ion battery technology for the same power.


  • It is easily detachable to use as a handheld scrubber
  • Allows you to scrub any surface with extreme ease and power
  • With a rubber bumper for you to work freely without the worry of damage to furniture and walls
  • 360 Degrees of motion allowing you to clean at any angle
  • Dual brush heads for higher power and grout cleaning
  • Adjustable telescopic wand to ensure the right height for you

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