I-Move 2.5B Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner - charger and two batteries included

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  • The i-move 2.5B’s maneuverable design allows you to clean tight places that are often forgotten. It features 2 high-quality filters, including an H11 Class filter, powerful suction (14 Kpa), and strong dirt pickup at 1100mmHg. Enjoy cleaner air, free from dust, pollen, and airborne bacteria.

No more fighting cables and chair legs

  • Experience freedom and flexibility with a cord-free clean, backed by a lithium-ion battery offering long runtimes.
  • A high-capacity battery enables freedom and flexibility while cleaning, allowing you to navigate tight and obstructed spaces. With one click, you can switch the dust bag without needing to remove the hose, providing a faster cleaning experience
  • Simply strap the i-move 2.5B to your back, press the power button and start cleaning. 2 x i-power 8.7 batteries offer 52 minutes of runtime. The battery indicator monitors battery life, which can be conveniently clipped to the vest.

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