I-MOP XXL Basic 62CM Scrubber (W/O Batteries & Charger)

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From $43* a week with our finance partner at North Coast Lending to provide you with finance options for cleaning equipment.

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Our innovative floor scrubber dryer, the i-mop XXL navigates obstacles smoothly, so you can drop manual mopping entirely, making your floors cleaner and lowering your overall cleaning costs. Clean up to 70% faster than traditional mops and 30% faster than comparable auto scrubbers.

Better floor cleaning efficiency to reduce labour costs

  • With all weight sitting on the brushes and a brush speed of 350 RPM, the unique design of the i-mop XXL means that each bristle scrubs more effectively for a deeper clean. Clean water is put down, and dirty water is vacuumed from the floor rather than being left to dry and recontaminate the surface.

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