Hoover Action Pet EB303 Powerhead

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Powerhead For Hoover Mode, Vogue & Action Pets Vacuum Cleaners

Upgrade your cleaning with the Hoover EB303 Powerhead—an original replacement motorhead for superior performance. This motorized brushroll digs deep into carpets, removing embedded dust and pet hair that suction alone can’t reach.

Suitable for:

  • Hoover Action Pets: 5007PH (Bagged), 5019PH (Bagless)
  • Hoover Mode: 5000PH, 5006PH, 5007PH (Bagged)
  • Hoover Vogue: 5012PH, 5015PH, 5017PH, 5019PH (Bagless)
  • Sauber Pro Pets: SJ-100 (Bagged), SF-100, VC-C3507D (Bagless)
  • Hoover Allergy: 7000PH, 7011PH
  • Hoover Regal: 9001PH, 9011PH

Specifications: Teal | 100W | 240V 50Hz

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