Enviro Bathroom Wiz 5L

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Organic Bathroom Cleaner, Shower and Toilet Bowl Maintainer.

(Not hazardous according to criteria of Worksafe Australia)

BATHROOM WIZ is Organic based commercial strength concentrated detergent to clean showers, hand basins, bath tubs, toilet bowls and floors. BATHROOM WIZ is also an excellent stainless steel cleaner it removes soap scum, calcium haze, rust stains and leaves a pleasant residual fragrance. BATHROOM WIZ is made from highly biodegradable materials, it is environmentally and user friendly. BATHROOM WIZ can be used in both commercial and household cleaning and it is safe to use in conjunction with a septic system.


Toilet and urinals : Apply undiluted using a squeeze bottle and lightly brush. Stainless steel surfaces may require a hand pad to assist buildup removal. Flush all surfaces with water. Shower, Bath, Soap Scum, Taps, Sinks, Bench tops and Walls Dilute 1 part Bathroom Wiz to 5 parts water (200ml makes 1ltr). Apply to floors, walls and to the sides of baths, then sponge with scourer pad or brush grouting if necessary and rinse off all surfaces with water.

Floors General Mopping on Floors – dilute 1 part Bathroom Wiz to 50 parts of water in bucket. Bathroom Wiz will leave a sparkling clean, shining, brighter and whiter surface with pleasant residual fragrances.

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