Oates Eager Beaver Microfibre floor Pad White

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Oates Microfibre Floor Pad has been specifically designed for use with the EAGER BEAVER FLOOR & HAND TOOLS. It is a small & compact flat floor mopping tool ideal for use on smooth tiled surfaces or polished timber flooring. The microfibre material also leaves a streak-free finish for the washing & cleaning of walls or ceilings.

Featuring a colour-coded tag system on the back which prevents the risk of cross-contamination between service areas. Simply cut off the additional tags to clearly demonstrate which area the floor pad has been used in.


  • Ideal for use on smooth tiled surfaces and polished timber floors.
  • Colour-coded tags can be cut depending on the area of use to help avoid cross-contamination between work areas.
  • High-quality microfibre material.
  • Easily interchangeable with other Oates Eager Beaver floor pads.


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