BioPak 17.5cm PSM Knife (1000 per ctn)

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  • Our 100% bioplastic compostable cutlery is made from bioplastic, produced from a rapidly renewable starch sourced from non-GMO crops.
  • BioPak’s single-use disposable cutlery has a smaller carbon footprint compared to conventional plastic cutlery.
  • Bioplastic cutlery is part of the single-use plastic bans and is banned in the following states: SA (1/5/21) & ACT (1/7/21). They will be banned from 1 July 2022 in WA & 1 November 2022 in NSW. Click here for more information on single-use plastic bans in your state. 
  • We still believe compostable bioplastic packaging plays a role in the sustainable packaging future; compostable packaging allows food waste and packaging to be composted together.
  • We offer sustainable sourced FSC™ cutlery as an alternative to this range.
  • Our eco friendly cutlery is heat-resistant and sturdy.
  • Our CPLA BioCutlery have a 6-month shelf life from date of purchase.
  • Our 100% bioplastic cutlery is compostable in a commercial facility.

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