BetaEco Large Dome Lid for 12-24oz Clear/Green Cups

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  • The BetaEco Large Dome Lid is a perfect fit for 12-24oz Clear and Green Cups, offering a reliable and eco-friendly solution for beverage containment. Made from high-quality materials, this dome lid ensures a secure and spill-resistant seal, ideal for on-the-go customers. Its clear design allows for easy visibility of the drink, enhancing the presentation. Additionally, the lid's eco-conscious construction promotes sustainability, catering to environmentally conscious consumers. With the BetaEco Large Dome Lid, you can confidently serve your customers while minimizing your environmental impact. Enjoy convenience, quality, and sustainability all in one!
Product Code AP-BPETDL
Description BetaEco Large Dome Lid for 12-24oz RPET Cups
Carton Qty 1000
Pallet Qty 32
Layer Qty 4
Sleeve Qty 50
Carton Weight (Kg) 4.7

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