Bastion Gloves Nitrile Black Powder Free Large (single pack)

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Bastion Black Nitrile Gloves will give your hands all the protection they need from polishes, grease, and solvents without reducing your tactile sense. Textured Black Nitrile Detailing Gloves allow you to grasp tools and bottles securely. Perform your toughest detailing jobs. The Black Nitrile Gloves are tear and puncture-resistant. 

The best thing about the gloves is the low Sweat Technology, which keeps your hands nice and dry.

Features and Benefits

  • Latex-free
  • Extra thickness for ultimate puncture resistance and strength
  • Superior barrier protection over latex and vinyl
  • Unique Low Sweat Technology on the inner surface for increased comfort by reducing perspiration
  • Black nitrile gloves conceal stains from inks, dyes, and grease
  • Fully micro-textured for superior wet and dry grip
  • HACCP certified and TGA listed
  • Technical data sheets
  • available

Product Specifications

Product:  Nitrile Black Powder Free Gloves
Material: Nitrile
Type:       Non-Sterile
Design:   Ambidextrous
Feature:  Micro Textured
Cuff:        Beaded
Usage:     Single Use only
Colour:    Black
Packaging: 1 box with 100 Gloves

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