Bastion Progenics Vinyl Blue Powder Free Xlarge 200 per pkt

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Progenics™ System Highlights for Blue Vinyl Progenics™ System

  • Vinyl Gloves in Focus Examination gloves designed for ease - dispensed cuff first, minimizing contact with fingers and palms, thus reducing contamination risk. Efficiency and Simplicity Streamlined and swift application, ensuring convenience. Economical Advantage Minimized wastage due to one-glove dispensing, resulting in cost-effectiveness. Enhanced Hygiene Prevention of unused gloves re-entry, thus reducing potential cross-contamination. Smart Acrylic Wall Mount Ingenious dispenser bracket keeps gloves away from tainted surfaces; effortless removal and replacement of glove boxes. Easy Setup Supplied in kits with fixtures, dual-sided tape, and an installation guide for fuss-free mounting. Insightful Information Access to technical data sheets for comprehensive understanding. Vinyl Gloves Insight Examination gloves suitable for standard use; ambidextrous and adorned with a protective beaded cuff to deter liquid runoff. Health-Conscious Design Free from DOP and EHP, ensuring a safer glove choice. Latex-Free Innovation Catering to latex allergies, providing a viable alternative. Choice of Convenience Opt for the Lightly Powdered variant for easier donning.

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