Pacvac Velo Battery Backpack



Velo is a compact and lightweight commercial backpack vacuum cleaner, designed with leading-edge, lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology.

Engineered with a brushless motor for superior power and suction, resulting in enhanced performance, longer motor life and durability.

Velo delivers ultimate suction power, together with a 4 stage filtration system, including a HEPA filter, giving the user a cleaner environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity 2L
  • Charge-time 1h 45m
  • Filtration 4 stage, HEPA hi-flow filter
  • Motor 250W single-stage flow through 36V BLDC
  • Noise Level (at 1.5m) 65dB(A)
  • Run-time up to 50m per set
  • Volumetric Airflow (per sec) 21L/s
  • Warranty 2 years on body and motor  1 year on batteries and charger
  • Weight 4.6kg (ex. power cord assembly & hose assembly)





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